Sentry 5380

I have just bought a the subject safe in an estate auction and the
combination was not avaliable. Does anyone know what the try out combo is or
do they have a factory set of numbers?
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I hope you didn't pay too much for the safe.
My recommendation is to bring it to your local locksmith and have him open it for you. There are no trial combinations, and I do not believe the factory will send the factory combination out for the asking for obvious reasons.
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Roger Shoaf
your ONLY HOPE..would be if the serial number was still on the safe, you haul it to a locksmith and he makes a phone call otherwise, you are going to pay out some money.
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I average about 15 minutes to open a sentry. No holes, no damage. I use a stethoscope, hair dryer, paper clip pounded flat, and some sand paper for my finger tips.
OTOH, I might be full of nonsense. Except for the 15 minute part. My fastest was 8 minutes. with three witnesses, but that was 10 plus years ago, and they likely won't remember. Slowest was about 45 minutes.
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Stormin Mormon
my fastest was under a minute (had the combo),,BUT 20 minutes later, called the owners son,, the nice old lady could not remember left from right..
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They will give it to a locksmith who is a (verifiable) member of ALOA, SAVTA, or NSO.
The locksmith will confirm ownership and provide the combination to the customer (for a fee of course)
Now this is assuming that a) the serial number is available AND b) the combination has not been changed.
5380 apparently is not a current production model with the newer wheel pack, therefore manipulation is an alternative option. (Manipulation is not practical with the new wheel pack units because of it's design)
Contact a local locksmith or safe tech if you want it opened. (If they say they have to drill or damage it, call someone else.
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Bob DeWeese, CML, CJS

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