todays funny

local Ford dealer called, Focus ign lock needed keyed up,
and I was ttold I would laugh when I saw it..
get there, seems this was brought 15 miles from ANOTHER brand
dealership-they attempted to fix the non turning cylinder..
they did NOT get the cylinder OUT... BUT...
air bag was screwed up.. the clock spring was screwed up..
the steering column was busted in 3 places.. and the part that
drives the electrical switch was driven into the steering
column..(attempted to drive the lock cylinder out, THRU the
entire column.)
when I left, the bill was at $950, and once they had all those
pieces reassembled, then they would see about the transponder
pick up ring-if it was bad, plus anything else that would then
show up as broken..
a $150 job.. went 'bad'...LOLOL

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