Kwikset electric deadbolts

Pretty slick. Installed my first one today. Same install prep as a 660, and
the wires and such to snake through.
Worked nicely, too. Programmed easy enough. Darn shame they cost $170.
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Stormin Mormon
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You ARE talking about the Powerbolt 1000, aren't you?
I've installed a number of them in the past few months. They usually work just fine but I had one that was a bit odd. I called to have it replaced under warranty before the year was up.
Also, I recommend replacing the batteries once a year and not trusting the low battery light. I was examining one where the motor sounded weak and it started acting up. Didn't accept the codes. Didn't take the programming. Low batt light went on and stayed on and it wouldn't stop beeping. I replaced the batteries and all was fine. Can't trust the darn electronics. And make sure there is NO binding of the bolt on the strike plate.
I once installed a Digital (I think that is the correct brand name) completely mechanical combo deadbolt. Very nice. I feel it's much more foolproof and less prone to any problems. Down side is it only takes one combo at a time and is NOT as easy to change the code. (I've actually never done it yet) I certainly wouldn't want the customer to do it unless they are really mechanically inclined.
And what is your location? My local Home Depot and Lowes sells them for about $100.
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Ted Swirsky
Go ahead and do a combination change on that lock. If it's the one I'm thinking of, with two long rows of numbers with a couple of letters or symbols, then you will be surprised at the way they work. It's a pretty cool lock with an interesting combination change.
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