Trying to treat a lady right-LOL

Hello All,
Would ANYBODY have any GM "J" Blanks with red plastic heads??
From what I heard ILCO did'nt make them.
I've checked with suppliers and they told me that the closest thing
they had was lucky line-or china line caps-which are flimsy and fall
I've googled,emailed,and Ebayed till my friggin' eyeballs rolled
backwards in my head.
I know this is old stuff and has'nt been used for years and
whatever-There has got to be a manufacturer somewhere that made these
red heads-LOL
I'm thinking Jet.
Let's make a deal.
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Lucky Line?
and i RATHER think ILCO myself, used to make various colored heads..
Try Bluedog, too
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They used to sell them by the box-but not for years now i hear..
we'll try it-thanks shiva.
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Briggs & Stratton made caps that would slide over an original blank with a nice snug fit. once installed, they were indistinguishable from the original plastic head keys but for the bottom edge.
I might have some red caps in my garage, might take some digging however.
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Roger Shoaf
I've got a bunch of Cole RA3 and 4 keys (6 cut AMC) but no J's. I'm sure Cole made them too. This one has Cole on one side and National Silca-Italy on the other side. Some are red, blue, gold, ... My sister has a hardware store that has about 2 or 3 hundred pounds of junk blanks from the 60's and 70's. I could check tomorrow if you want.
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Glen Cooper
I like old hardare stores-Please email me Glen. I did have some of the silca-italy with plastic inlay, but no b46.
Thanks, goma.
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I have a butt load of these away to a locksmith friend, you can email if and see if he'll send you some.
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