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In our glorious fight for civil rights, we must guard against being fooled by false slogans, as 'right-to-work.' It provides no 'rights' and no 'works.' Its purpose is to destroy labor unions and the freedom of collective bargaining...

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Millwright Ron,

I disagree that unions are good for America. The steel industries, the auto industries - have all left America, in large part due to influence of unions. Union strikes, are to me, indistinguishable from other forms of terrorism - violence used to influence how others live. Look at the ongoing writer's strike - and the vast number of people that lost wages and incomes during this particular episode. National Baseball may be profitable, but has not been the same universally beloved and respected sport since the first player's strike. My brother in law retired after 30 years in the Teamsters union. Now he forfeits his pension if he volunteers or takes part time work doing the one thing he loves - drive truck.

I am not out to 'prove' a point. Some unions may indeed perform the professional growth and standards work of a craft guild - but they choose to organize as unions. There are probably unions and locals that benefit their members without hazarding the community and business environment. But the historical ties to organized crime and violence, and protection of union assets over members are what come to my mind. Today we have lawyers sitting around bored, unlike when unions were first organized. There are now many effective forms of redress of grievances. The last time unions made that news that I was aware of, was members suing unions for supporting political campaigns in opposition to the membership's interest. 'Right to work' may well be a slanted euphemism. I think it is a useful change.

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" I disagree that unions are good for America. The steel industries, the auto industries - have all left America, in large part due to influence of unions" I tend to think that the industries left america because of the greed factor not unions.Unions guarantee a living wage and safety in the workplace.places like china guarantee cheap labor at the expense of the "dispendable "worker or child and the company shareholders go about there business totally oblivious to it all. Paddy p

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paddy P.

When I worked for a large auto maker in the U.S., the members had 100% medical no deductible and all coverage. It was fantastic to take a person to the hospital and bring him back and zero is due. Just show badge and number.

That lasted one summer, I made more in 2.5 months than I did in a full year at my other forced union job. I was able to save some, but a new home it did for us and pay off all college debt that year. So the pay rate and the insurance rate and various benefits were high - retirement or other work a drain on the decreasing profits.

Without a doubt, unions had their day in the past. They were needed without doubt. But they soon started to become what they had conquered. The big rail strike and Pres. Truman said xx hours from now you will be government employees. If you continue not to work it will be jail.

They went back to work rapidly.

The unions killed themselves at the implement industry. The company just closed down for years. Ego's and power of the Unions prevented them to adjust.

The "Right to work" laws allowed an electrician to work or own a company and work outside of the union. They didn't get union bids. It wasn't busting, it just allowed people to work at the trade they were trained for without paying someone for permission to do the same thing.


Mart> " I disagree that unions are good for America. The steel industries,

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Martin H. Eastburn

Well said John.

Back under your rock bonehead. If you really cared about the rights of others, you'd respect ours to not have to put up with your BS! Please confine it alt.bussiness.bashing or alt.loony.rants or where ever it is it belongs. NOT HERE! If you want to post about your millwright work or skills, we'd be happy to learn.

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