Virus Alert

Dear Folks,
There is a virus making the rounds which has been sending a
subject line "new graphic site". From what I can tell, the virus has
been infecting computers across the world.
The emails you get in your box are NOT from the person in the
"from" line. As with so many other virus, they copy one email adress
from the infected drive, and then spamblast the virus out to everyone
they can find. Using a random email adress as the "from" line, who
then gets blamed.
Today I've gotten emails containing photos atached "pubic region
nerves" and a few other JPEG files. Remember Klez about two years ago?
Had been sending out random files from peoples drives. Well, this one
appears to be much the same.
I do apologize for any strange emails which "appear" to be from
this adress. Even though they would be spoofed. Please, folks, run
your virus scanner. Norton and the other big guys have a patch for the
new virus.
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Stormin Mormon
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and IF you are on YAHOO, its sending it like mad as well.. got 5 copies of it SO FAR TODAY..
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