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Seldom I send out any messages like this. But my antivirus sent me two pop up windows today, new virus found in the wild. I've only seen one every week or so, until today. Time to run the virus protection update today if you havn't already.

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Stormin Mormon
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Off topic but not so much.

I'm a beta tester for Microsoft AntiSpyWare.

This software is top notch!!!!!!

I've never seen such a reliable product from MicroSoft including Windows

2000. (HOWEVER), MicroSoft (DID NOT) produce this software, they bought the rights!

This thing is great. It has NEVER crashed my system, remember I'm a BATA tester, zero problems so far. It combines a much better anti-spyware program than others like Ad-AwareSE (67 % detection VS. 97% for certain strains) and a program almost like Spy-Bot-S&D Advanced except it doesn't have the shredder. MicroSoft Anti-Spy-Ware also includes a REAL TIME setup that checks everything coming in and out and it works perfectly on XP SP1 with ZONE ALARM and Trend-Micro and AVG virus programs which are all free and all you now need. No more 50 bucks a year to Norton or Others for protection!!!

I know it's hard to believe gang but I'm not kidding. Check it out. It WILL blow your mind if you run XP SP1 like me. I dont trust XP2 yet so I cant comment on that or Windows 98.

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Glen Cooper

Not to burst your bubble, but how do you know that it's that great? A program that does nothing will not crash your system. A computer that runs XP will crash occasionally anyway. If you configure your browser and mail properly and don't download "free" stuff from the net you don't get the spyware in the first place.

So, other than Microsoft's claims, how do you really know?

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they have done this to a lot of software.. some then became very expensive to purchase, and 'much needed', and others simply vanish.

you gotta take Microsofts word that its working right.. LOL.. and EVERYONE trusts microsoft, dont they?


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You can manually track or block Shell Execute Hooks, Winsock LSPs (Add Ons), your Windows Host File, IE Toolbars, IE Settings, IE BHOs, Start Up Programs, Runnings Processes, Downloaded ActiveX Files.

You can Restore Your Hijacked Browser or change your Start Page, Search Page, Search Bar, Customize Search Settings, Offline Information, Post Not Cached, many others... , all on one page.

It has a built in Tracks Eraser for Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Common Dialog File/Foldsr List, Google Toolbar History, ICQ, IE Cookies, History, Auto Complete, Kazaa, Microsoft Photo Editor, Direct Draw, Paint, Office Files, Real Player, Registy Edit, Start Menu, Start Menu Search, Temporary Internet Files, Visual Basic6.0, Visual Studio, Windows Explorer, Windows FTP Accounts, Mapped Drives, Media Player, Recent Documents, Recycle Bin, Temporary Files, Compressed and Uncompressed File History, WinZip, and WordPad all on one page.

It continually checks 25 Application Agents like BHOs, ActiveX Installs, Toolbars, and allows you to block them or ask you if you want to install them. It does the same with 25 System Agents like the Host File and SystemINI File. The same thing applies to the 8 Internet Agents it checks like the Windows Messenger Service or the Dial Up Connection. It also prevents spyware from sending spam something called Spam Zombie Prevention.

It does all this and also scans for Spyware real time in IE6, OE6. It can be set to run a complete scan when you are away.

I tested it with a few harmless viruses like Eicar in a zip file and it picked it up as did my Anti-Virus software so I know it works.

Microsoft bought the rights to the program from a company called Giant. They are now tweaking it. That's why it works so well. Microsoft didn't write the main program :-)))

Best of all it's free in Beta form. They may charge for the regular program. If they do I think that will open up a can of worms where Microsoft puts out bad programs and then charges for a program to fix them. On the other hand if they dont charge then the people with contracts from Giant will scream for their yearly subscriptions to be refunded. Most likely though it will be part of Internet Explorer 7.0 due out this fall and free of charge.

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Glen Cooper

It runs just fine in WinXP SP2. (Trust it, and install SP2 ASAP for better security!)

It also finds stuff that Ad-Aware, Spybot, Spyware Blaster, and CWShredder missed.

The only problem is that once installed, it always starts up with Windows and is running full time in the background consuming resources. To get around this, uncheck all the auto features, then manually delete it's entry in the "Run" section of the registry.


Once that registry key is deleted, it will no longer start up along with Windows, and you can manually run the program whenever desired.

You will need to right-click the tray icon and select "Shutdown..." to exit.

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