Virus spammers

I've been plagued by spammers and messages containing a virus. Opened
the box today, 44messages, 40 of them spam + virus.

Remember Microsoft does'nt send email so anything claiming a microsoft
connection should be deleted.

There are new "strains" out there so please update. If you have'nt
got a good program there's a free one on
formatting link

I've decided to fight the spammers. I have software that sends a
mesage back to senders who are'nt in my contact list requesting a

If you would like to do the same here's a link to the software.
formatting link

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Glenn Cramond
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with respect, what's that going to achieve? the "from" is just an address taken at random from the victim's address book - it's not the real sender.
in a way similar to hoax "virus warnings" all you're doing is adding to the vast excess of virus-induced mail swamping the net.
just keep your machine up to date and beware suspicious email. better yet, don't use outlook, the target of choice for most of this malicious email. and even better than that, dump windows.
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jim beam
Sage advice, jb. May I add that replying to anyone you do not know to be legitimate merely confirms there is a live ebox out there - yours. But I can sympathize. Tonight I thought to download my usual quota of messages from friends and associates, six to ten. Forty-five minutes later I shut my email client down - I had gotten 490 messages by that time, he bulk referring to Microsoft in one or more places. My approach was to contact my service providers to see if they can help. If that does not work I'll have to drop email all together. Except for a tiny handful of family relatives, all of my other correspondents are local and just a phone call away.
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John Ferman
I ended up getting POPmonitor - it looks at the headers of the messages in your email account and allows you to delete before actually downloading anything. You can define filters and blocking beforehand and you can define trusted sources (folks on your addressbook list, for example). It seems to work okay, but it has burped twice trying to fathom one account that has 2200 spams awaiting to be processed. So there is some stability. It can be looked at the following web site:
formatting link
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John Ferman

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