Why you have so many problems.

After lurking here for a bit it's pretty obvious why you have so many
trolls. Most of you are elitist snobs. You won't tell the general public
anything useful or talk about anything useful at all. In short you are
uptight assholes who act like everyone is a criminal. People are going to
retaliate by jerking your chains. Most of you aren't even locksmiths.
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Ricky Myers
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You can find a better forum than us bunch of assholes. I mean, really!
I encourage you to go away, now, and stop wasting your time. You've only got 24 hours in a day, you can't afford to waste them here. We are no good. We aren't even locksmiths.
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Stormin Mormon
"Nobody You Fucking Know" snipped-for-privacy@nowhere.com
people to post your
the only one that doesn't know it is you troll-boy.
still waiting for you to stop hiding behind your monitor and back up your trash mouth..
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