Wolseley WD8 or Why is everything so confusig?

Nearly time to paint it up...feeling good because I found a few chips (VERY small) of what clearly seemed to be dark green so I knew what colour to paint it. Took off the flywheel in preparation and lo and behold there were areas of grey paint.

NOW what do I do???????



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This happens often, sometimes engines supplied from the factory are repainted by the agent/equipment maker etc to suit the colour of their plant.

I have seen Wolseley's in many shades of green and grey so I would just go with what you would like. A nice gloss green or grey finish suits the WD8's well. I have seen Wolseley's also in a light blue colour which adds another variation to the pile !

Good luck ! David

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David McC

I thought earlier finless engines were grey, but the later ones were green. That said, engines supplied to (say) conctrete mixer makers might be any colour.

Are you sure the grey isn't just primer?


Kim Siddorn

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Kim Siddorn

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