Testors ModelMAster match 4 Sinai Gray & Israeli Sand?

Hi there.
I have a number of kits of Israeli armour in 1/35 scale that are
nearing completion. SInce ModelMaster is the only decent enamel i can
get there, imternet ordering is *NOT* an option, can someone tell me
what the closest ModelMaster match is to Sinai Gray and also to
Israeli Sand?
Thanks from Peter
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snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.ca wrote in news:f6bf4806-93d3-4be0-aa7f-f5c5ba3b2612 @l42g2000yqe.googlegroups.com:
It sorta depends on what years you are modeling.
One of the better discussions I found is at
formatting link
"Which colour for your IDF vehicle"
The page gives you mixes of various brands but the color swatches are matched to time periods. MM #2138 is Sinai Grey. I just bought some.
Other links:
formatting link
the paint page seems not be working now.
formatting link
IDF Braille-Scale Modelling lots of info
formatting link
formatting link
there are two discussion of IDF color. In one MM Armour Sand 30277 is given. The second has color chips from actual vehicles.
The color seems to have evolved from a sand to a grey. In more recent photos of Merkavas appear a disctinct grey color.
I "THINK" Israeli Sinai Grey matches more the early 80s grey (see
formatting link
, BUT on
formatting link
it looks more like 1973 colour only lighter (the white background doesn't help.
I'm doing the Cent in the 1973 mix from
formatting link
I'm going to do my Merkava I in MM Sinai Grey. Not sure what to do the III in, might take one of the mixes and grey it up even more.
Lotsa luck. Sorry I didn't get back to you. I'm not interested in trades and I had both offered already, anyway.
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Gray Ghost
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Thanks for all the advice and the links.
If you were referring to the two Dragon Panzer kits I had for sale or trade they have both been sold.
I have three of the AFV Centurions. One is a 1967 Sho't. One is a Sho't KAL 1973 and the other is another Sho't KAL 1973 that I'm adding a thermal sleeve gun barrel and reactive armour to to bring it closer to a 1982 version. I have the Academy Merkava II and am ordering the Academy Merkava IV since it appears it is going to be reasonably accurate. I also have the Italeri M-109 -now under construction and have even figured out how I want to display it.
Cheers from Peter
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