Have you problems with the gift for someone?

I want to you present my new autumn art works. Some one from the leather sc=
ulpture like a "Women in the mask", some one the mixed media art canvas pai=
ntings "Dark Angel". New version a very popular series with the naked women=
's. Great for the night clubs and bars. Amazing effect.=20
New surreal and Gothic style pictures with the flowers for any wall and for=
gift for any one. Also I want to you know about my new Ebay Shop where I p=
resent my last artwork for quick sale. Many size available.
All art works I packed with the hand made box / for present or gift /
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or my website
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Jakub D Krzewniak
BohemyART Studio - Leather Art Picture & Sculpture
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Bohemy ART Studio
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Pretty cool...for spam.
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