Zephyr Lock?

Hello, all. Does anyone know anything at about Zephyr Lock

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Except for the company logo their albeit limited product line appears to be externally identical to Master Lock Company products. Thanks for your time and comment. Sincerely,

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J.B. Wood
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They also appear to be coded by serial number just like Master, except obviously for the models where the combo is user changeable. If sombody posts a serial I'll tell you if I can get a combo (but not what it is). IMHO coding combos to serial numbers is a bad idea.

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Hello, and I'm wondering if anyone at Master Lock is crying "clone" and/or patent infringement. Perhaps Zephyr is really a Chinese company cloning Master Lock products. If true, kind of ironic since many Master Lock products are made in China these days. Harry Soref might not be amused. Sincerely,

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J. B. Wood

funny thing.. Black and Decker doesnt seem to be crying fowl over the locks SOMEONE is copying that are exactly idential to the Kwikset line.. and even funnier is sometimes the parts fit better..


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