Babbitt metal and PET

Hello, folks!
I was researching babbitt metals for use in bushing-bearings, and noticed that
none advertised on materialweb were stronger or more resilient than PET
(polyethylene terphthalate).
PET has a higher elongation-to-break, higher tensile strength, higher
compressive strength, lower coefficient of friction, and comparable stiffness
compared to all babbitt metal formulations, and a melting temperature comparable
to lead-based babbitt formulations (about 475degF).
PET is also fairly stable chemically, and does not degrade from contact with
motor oil.
What am I missing? Is there any reason I should even consider babbitt metal
when making or replacing a bushing bearing? PET seems better across the board.
Thanks much,
-- TTK
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TTK Ciar
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