Best material to build an own WMD ? ? ?

What do I need to build my own WMD in my basement ?

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Dan Simper
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a death wish. congratulations, the Feds will come for you in the morning.

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brian stahl

Please be more specific.

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Gregory L. Hansen

I spent most of my youth raking gunpowder out of unexploded fireworks, making hydrogen baloons, large sparks, etc.

Most efforts by so called "terorists" seem pretty fickle and this recent article in the register is insightfull too:

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I fully subscribe to Linus Pauling's sentiment that in 50 years time there will be no more good chemists because you can't buy most good stuff to experiment with anymore! Read e.g. "Uncle Tungsten" and you'll see what I mean.

A thought: Is todays closet wannabe terrorist bomb plotter the nobel prize chemist of tomorrow?


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Gerd Busker

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