carbon dioxide pipe work

we are looking for some assistance in the form of pipe diameters, as a company we supply liquid carbon dioxide installations, as present we have a customer who is using liquid co2 fror cooling purpose, there present arrangement is from a small bulk supply which is 8 mtr away from the job this liquid is sent through a =BC inch pipe and then restricted to 1/8 stainless pipe for the last 12 inches

The customer has request a larger storage facility which is to be positioned 35 mtrs away from the job the orifice of 1/8 remains the same and the existing pipe of =BC also remains as this is a flexible which is required

We need to establish what the diameter of pipe from the storage vessel to the existing pipe would be, we think that =BD inch shed 80 should be sufficient.

Co2 will be at -17 and at 300 psi

You advice on this matter would be appreciated

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there -> their My advice is for you to learn what semicolons are for.

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