Vacuum metal evaporating and coating

I have the method for evaporating of metal in high vacuum. Metal
material for evaporating is a wire(like CO2 welding). The speed of
wire is apr. 4cm/sec. The electric arc is created between a wire and a
block (made of steel). They are connected to el. current. 50% of wire
is evaporated into atoms or ions and the rest is spattering. Equipment
is in vacuum. Metal atoms creat the metal coating on the objects in
vacuum tank or condensate into metal powder. There is one problem to
solve. I need to focus the metal atom beam by a magnet. I do not know
the type of magnet suitable for this purpose. Is there someone
interesting in this problem?
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Ivan Minarovic
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You can check it asking to experts on vacuum coatings at my Forum:
PVD Coatings and Vacuum Technology - Research Forum
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International Forum about current problems and solutions in R&D thin films and coatings technology based in vacuum surface treatments (Surface Engineering, Industrial Coatings, Plasma Treatment,PVD and CVD coating technology) Moderator: Vasco Teixeira (Univ. Minho)
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