I wonder whether anyone would like to make themselves famous or infamous.

We need someone, or any number who care to, to do a simple experiment and report back here.

Take a simple horizontal frame - a square will be ideal. Hang it from its four corners. Securely and symmetrically support a free-swinging heavy block on it across two of its opposite sides, so that the upper surface of the block occupies the space of the frame. - Right?

Now, with a spring balance, lift one side of the frame parallel to the axis of the block. With another spring balance hooked to the opposite side of the block which is now rising in reaction, please read off the weight of the force that the block exerts.

We are interested to see the relationship between the values shown on the two spring balances.

Simple? - Yes, but that can supply the energy of the future, as per

formatting link

Prove or disprove it so simply in practice rather than in theory.

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Dear Justice International:

"Justice International" wrote in message news:

You deserve all the dollars you can bilk out of your investors.

David A. Smith

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The link is for a device which harnesses the energy in wave motion.

The above example basically measures the dyamic force resulting from the input of energy caused by the lifting ("...lift one side of the frame parallel..."), within the hysterisis limits of the spring balances

(hint: You could save a lot of steps by just pulling on the spring balance directly)

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I think you're right. Thanks.

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Justice International

Tis free. No dollars. No bilk. But thanks for the encouragement.

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