Helicopter FEA- Stress

Does any one know where I might find 5 or 6 Degreed ME's with a FEA background in Aerospace or Defense? Project Location is Huntsville AL.

Need to be US citizens with a clean record so we can process a SECRET CLEARANCE

Annual Salary is 75-80K

15 years experience with analysis skill, NASTRAN, PATRAN and Hand Calcs.

Or 4-5 years experience for 35-40K

Will be working on next generation Helicopters for ARMY. Very Cool Secret Stuff.

Please let me know

Sincerely Kurtis snipped-for-privacy@esgjobs.com

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What, experience with living off the land? Will that buy a double-wide down there?


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Gee, that's not much over a decent starting salary.

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Jeff Finlayson


That is funny. Is this post a joke? I could 35-40K as a manager at McDonald's. I have never seen anything so absolutely ridiculous in my entire life. The engineers I work with would look at that salary and laugh.

Kurtis wrote:

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Yes, it is that bad out there? I was making 35K in 1988. Hmm, I'm not making *that* much more now. My income has fallen to its 1996 level. Of course, moving to Florida and taking whatever I could find had a lot to do with the change. It took me a while to convince the company that I work for now that I really wanted to be an engineer. I'd been a manager or director for years and my resume reeked non-contributor though I was a *working* manager.

Whoo boy. Secret stuff.

The Army Research Office funded my education at one of the three (at that time) Rotorcraft Centers of Excellence.

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