how to get xy coordinates of selected nodes under ANSYS ??

Hi all,

I have some problem to obtain xy coordinates of selected nodes under ANSYS 6 (with APDL code). I want to know the xy coordinate of node I previously selected. I want to do that in order to save them in a file. I you have any suggestions or any comments, you can let a message on the forum or contact me by email at this adress ""



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it is: x=nx(node_no) y=ny(node_no) z=nz(node_no)

Also, you can do this,

*get,x,node,node_no,loc,x *get,y,node,node_no,loc,y *get,z,node,node_no,loc,z

But pls. pay attention to the coordinate system in which you are going to evaluate your coordinates, x, y, and z. In Ansys, use csys, 0 to indicate Cart. system, and csys, 1 to indicate cylindar coord. system.

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