I Eng and C Eng

hello all,
i've been to the site
formatting link
for information
about registration.
it stated that a person having a masters degree or someone with a bachelor +
1 year continued learning is elligible to the CEng title . it further
states that most B.Eng courses are of 3 years duration and people with a
B.Eng are elligible for an IEng title.
now i was wondering which title do people who have done a 4years bachelor's
degree course be elligible to ! i'm a student in engineering and my course
minimum duration is of 4 years including 6 months industrial attachement.
the other thing is that what exactly is an incorporated engineer? they
described him/her as being someone involved in design. but what about a
person having a master's degree and working in design..
last thing is that does the CEng title means higher "merit" that the IEng
can someone enlighten me please. i know that if i mailed the guys at the
engineering council such questions, they wouldn't reply to me ...
Hasta Luego
(Faster than Bruce Lee)
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