CFC (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Carbon) Charging Plate

Hi everyone,
> I am a Metallurgical and Material Science Engineer
> and
> want to discuss a subject, about the CFC materials (in the field of > charging
> elements for furnaces). As we know that we can not use CFC materials in > the
> oksijen atmosphere over 450C. Hence ,we use vacuum or inert conditions > for
> the furnaces. In our laboratory we have tested the heat treatment
> (Temp:1200C/Vacuum ) of a steel material sitting on a CFC charging plate.
> Unfortunately we have failed, becouse a carbon diffusion between steel and
> CFC plate has occured during the process. In result of this we have lost
> both the steel sample and the CFC material.
> The question is, why did a diffusion between steel and CFC occured?
> Theorically we use CFC up to 2200C in vacuum condition. What causes the
> diffusion? Temp:1200C)In the other hand, we bought the CFC material from
> a German company, and they couldn't find the answer either. I think that we
> should use CFC with a SIC coating for the further tests. (Don't know yet) >
> >
> Best Regards,
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