Comparison between Mild steel vs Stainless steel S.S.202

Dear Sir, Please give me the detailed comparison between properties of M.S.and S.S 202 ( Mechanical, Chemical, eletrical, thermal as well corroson resistance properties).

Regards, Nitin.

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I'm not sure who the "sir" is but there is no one sitting here answering questions. Just a group of moderately testy metallurgists. So when you need that kind of detailed information, I'd suggest you do a search on Google or go to the appropriate technical societies, such as ASM or NACE.

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Atlas Shrugged

Library... ASM's Metals Handbook. You'll be glad you looked in that book for yourself. ;)

I used to say "I wouldn't make a pimple on a real-metallurgist's ass" since I had only studied on my own and only high carbon containing steels as they pertain to knife blades and knife springs.

But now, I've had a semester metallurgy class. ;) I can't call my self "a metallurgist" but would I now make "a full fledged pimple on a metallurgist's ass" now? ;)

What about "hobby metallurgist" does that work for you "real" metallurgists?

I use what I call the "arrest point method" to know when the steel is ready to quench. The "magnet method" is just too slow and clunky to suit me.

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Those two are for me and this one's for a friend...

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~95% of them are for friends or relatives, a guy can only use so many knives. ;)

Alvin in AZ (hobby knifemaker and ASM member) ps- my personal library includes... ASM's "Tool Steels" by Roberts and Cary (3rd and 4th edtions) ASM's "Steels: Heat Treament And Processing Principles" by Krauss (which is an update of the next two) ASM's "The Alloying Elements In Steel" by Bain ASM's "Principles Of Heat Treatment" by Grossman ASM's "Metals Handbook Desk Edition" by everyone ;) Carpenter Steel's "Tool Steel Simplified" by Palmer (1st and 3rd editons) "Composition and Heat Treatment of Steel" by Lake "Metallurgy Theory and Practice" by Dell K. Allen (MT&P is my personal favorite;) USS's "The Making, Shaping and Treating of Steel" ...which has got to be a great book for somebody since it seems to have everything:) ...but not much that a hobby-guy can use tho:/

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