Metal Springs in Liquid Nitrogen?

I need to build an apparatus in which a spring is used to press two
parts together, then the entire apparatus is immersed in liquid
nitrogen. I expect the spring to shrink when cooled, of course, but
I hope I can find a spring that will contiunue to behave more or less
like a spring when cooled to 77K (-196C, or -321F). Any suggestions?
Also, what effect will this sort of thermal cycling (room temp, liquid
N2, back to room temp) have on Aluminum, Copper, and Lead? Are there
any metals that I should specifically avoid using?
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Paul Ciszek
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Springs made of Austenitic stainless steels such as AISI 301, 302 etc. or springs mafe of BeCu alloys such as CDA 170, 172, 175.
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