Hi folks, I have brought some Evo-stik liquid metal.which according to Evo-stik it is the "Ultimate metal adhesive, Almost as strong as welding". But further down the tube it says "Recommendations are for guidance only since conditions of use are completely beyond our control". Is this the ultimate get out clause, I doubt that nothing will be stuck on Evo- stik if you trusted their "Almost as strong as welding" claim (You might also be wise not trust my almost welding but I am not making any claims). I tried Googling to find a data sheet or any info to no avail. All I want to know is, how strong is it? How long before it is cured? What temperature is it OK at? Or are they just the Ultimate metal adhesive claims? In short does it do what it says on the tin? Best Regards Alan

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I have some experience of these types of glue and would say this-

1 get it all clean and free of all oil and wax 2 mix the stuff dead right, ie fully and in correct proportions 3 make sure you have intimate contact betwen metal and glue, ie press it into position and exclude air 4 if you work at elevated tempreature the glue will flow a little to help with 3 5 over fill the space and trim after 6 when all is done keep warm to ensure full cure 7 only use at a service tempreature below 200 C do this and you willbe happy! Peter
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