Paper for Sulphur Printing

We do quit a lot of this at the company i work for. We used to use a
Kodak B&W proofing paper but it would seem as though they have stopped
making it.
Anyone got any idea for a suitable alternative?
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Andrew K-V
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You don't say where you are which does not help this sort of query. At work we now use Kentmere papers for sulphur printing.
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David Deuchar
Kenthene Satin M Wt 4
Not as good as the old Kodak paper by some way, but just about good enough. I have wondered about trying some of the art papers that are produced without the surface coating of most current papers, but have not got around to getting any to try. You probably do more sulphur printing than we do, maybe you also need higher resolution for some of your products as well. I suspect you could reach me via notes if required.
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David Deuchar

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