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Got a following question: does anyone know the WWW site that lists the names of different kinds of steel in countries all over the world. As we know some type of steel is called different in let's say USA or Germany. To be exact I got a type of steel and need to know how it's called in my country. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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No WWW-site but a valuable source:

Stahlschlüssel - Key to Steels

Michael Dahms

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Michael Dahms

They are not only called different they are not exactly the same either.

And when it comes to steel according to the latest Euronorm, like en

10025 are steel called the same not necessarily the same either. For every standards there is a national adaption document, in wich further demands are specified. You are not allowed to use exactly the same kind of steel in every european country. Some times it has to do with things like the colder climate in some countries, and some times it is the local steel industries way of makeing it hard to buy steel from other parts of europe.

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