Vasco Die and Wear steel

I thank all who have offered their assistance thus far in my materials
search. I am having a hard time finding information regarding "Vasco
Die" and "Vasco Wear" steel. I have done numerous searches and found
very little. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and as always
thank you for your help :-D
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I've only seen this stuff mentioned in Jim Hrisoulas knifesmithing books, "The Master Bladesmith"
Three excellent books BTW, especially the one on pattern welding.
His opinion is that it's (Vasco Wear) a hard job to work it, but worth the trouble. It needs to be worked hot, as it's superhard to work once hardened.
C 1.12 % Si 1.2 % Mn 0.30 % W 1.10 % Cr 7.75 % Mo 1.6 % V 2.4 %
High wear resistance and toughness Medium red-hardness for forging Low distortion when heat treated Forge at 1800 - 1900 °F May be austenite forged Harden at 1550 - 1600 °F and oil quench Temper at 300 - 500 °F to a hardness of 62 - 58 Rc
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Andy Dingley
We have some technical data sheets on these grades. These sheets were developed back in the days of Vanadium Alloy Steel Company (VASCO) was around. Provide me with a mailing address, off group, and I will send what I have to you.
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