110v spot welder work on 50Hz?

Cootamundra, NSW. Very nice little town, sorta reminds me of my home town in the early 60's in terms of appearance. As in, before new construction had to fit some urban planner's 'vision' of the neighborhood and whole blocks were subject to remodeling for the same reason.

At this point I'm planning on choosing a job (have several folks interested in hiring me) and spending time getting known before I decide if I want to open a real commercial business there. If not, I'll just have one hell of a nice hobby shop. Maybe build a steam locomotive to run on the tracks in Wagga... I'm going back end of September and a big part of that will be talking to some of these folks. My wife, bless her heart, thinks I can do

-anything-. I need to make sure I haven't been oversold.... However, that'll be on hold for some time if I land a job here that I'm really hoping for.

Uh, yeah, I'd say it's worth bringing mine for sure! That's a much nicer spot welder than mine, but for my infrequent needs, that unit would be overkill...


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Jon Anderson
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*"Maximum Plate Thicknesses 2mm + 2mm @ 60 Spots per second." 60 spots per second would be good going for a robot, that's a hand held spot welder. What are they expecting a spot per cycle and it's a 50Hz location.

*I've got virtually the same welder and someone might want to point out to them their error, I can't be bothered as they have a form to fill in for email. The capacity is 60 spots per hour at 2mm + 2mm.

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