2n tractor and corroding ignition points

I have an old 2n front mount distributor that sits outside in the elements. A common problem I have is it wont start the once in a blue moon I use it. (bush hogging, etc). What happens is the points corrode and have no contin uity between them.

Can I spray or use something on the points to keep them from corroding? Also, I would like to somehow weatherproof the distributor and square can c oil as much as I can. I thought about covering it in that peel and stick as phalt flashing, but I assume the engine heat would cause that to not last v ery long. Can anyone out there help me with some ideas to moisture/weatherp roof the points/coil/distributor?

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Gee, I had an 8N with the same sort of front-mount distributor.

My solution was to make sure the hood was down when the tractor wasn't in use. (And while it WAS in use, too... made for easier vision while mowing.)

Just _completely_ fill the distributor cap with a heavy, high-temp grease. Put a grease-fitting on it so that you can keep it filled TIGHT with the grease. That'll protect the points, for sure. They'll certainly not corrode after that.

You can do the same thing with the coil, but it might attract dust, so you'll have to make a tin cover to contain the grease. Fasten the tin down to the coil with 3/4" long sheet metal screws centered in the housing of the coil.

No more moisture problems! L

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No, don't suppose they would. Don't think they'll open/close, either, though which might also be considered something of a shortcoming... :)

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Not to Stryped. He'll never notice the difference, and once the points beat through that grease, they'll close PERFECTLY (if a little more slowly than before).


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