3 Clausing 4902 lathes for sale

Another machining program « bites [bytes?] the dust »

Because of a lack of enrollment, apparently due to a lack of local area jobs, [We have been unable to locate any of the companies who continue to claim they are short of machinists, mechanics and technicians] our college has reluctantly decided to suspend our machining classes and «mothball» the equipment.

Rather than put the equipment is storage in an unheated building, allow it to rust, and then sell it for scrap after a suitable period of aging, We would rather sell these at scrap prices now to someone who will use them.

We have three 4902 Clausing lathes [9 inch swing 24 inches between centers] immediately available. These machines are wired for 60 cycle

3 phase 220 volts.

(2) lathes are in reasonable shape, and (1) is a «hangar queen» with the QC gearbox and compound [top] slide missing.

All three lathes have been recently repainted. The drive belts on the two operational lathes have been replaced as was one set of variable speed jackshaft bearings. A key is [apparently] sheared in the gearbox on one lathe so that the B thread range is not operational. Gears appears to be fine with careful «flash-light» check. Both lathes come complete with a universal 3-jaw chuck in good operating condition, lantern tool holders and miscellaneous bits and pieces. A photocopied factory manual comes with the lathes. Lathes are well used but not abused. Gibbs and feed-screws [cross-slide and compound] need adjusting but are fully functional. Spindle bearings and lead-screw seem to be fine. Good close tolerance work has recently been done on both operational lathes this semester.

Lathes are located in the Panhandle of Texas

On 2 days notice we can have a fork truck available to load into your vehicle. [Be sure to bring plenty of tie-downs/rope to keep the lathe from shifting!]

If you are interested, contact me by email at snipped-for-privacy@fpc.cc.tx.us

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