9" South Bend lathe FS

OK my eyes are giving out so i am dancing tango instead of metal working. Where do you guys recommend i sell this beaty or beast

9 inch South Bend lathe with 6 jaw , 3 jaw and (4 jaw inport 12 inch ) fits on the south bend mounted on a bench

probably 1940 vintage . for pick up Brooklyn New York ready to run not the quick change model. email to snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com

can send or post photo

I also have a Closing floor drill press morse taper , continues speed control. perfect centering.

and small vertical milling machine

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A friend of mine bought a 10" southbend of about that age for $1000 2 years ago. It had much more tooling than you describe here and it has a quick change gearbox. It was on it's own legs. We drove about 150 miles RT to pick it up. This is rural western Wisconsin. We found it on craigslist. Note: I didn't understand the how the "4 jaw 12 inch" could fit this lathe.

Pete Stanaitis


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