Air clamp pics

Hey Karl, and anyone else interested. I posted some pictures to the
Dropbox a few minutes ago. Look for air clamps in the dropbox. The
pictures show a couple clamps, an air collet closer, the switch
mounted on the mill, and so on. I've been using the present setup for
at least 10 years now. Besides clamping I have also used the setup
for blowing air onto an area automatically. So when the quill is
raised I have used air to blow chips out of the way while I change
parts. I have also used it to turn on and off mist coolant so that the
mist is on only when the tool is doing work. I have even used air to
blow parts out of the clamping setup. Modern CNC equipment has
obviated many of the setups I used to use but there are still some
times when I can do an operation manually faster than with the CNC
equipment I have. An example: Recently I had to precision saw a few
thousand small aluminum parts out of 1/8" thick bar stock. I put the
right angle head on the quill and mounted a 4" dia x .094 wide
slotting saw on an arbor in the RA head. I then made some aluminum
jaws for an air operated vise to hold the aluminum bar stock. The vise
was set to open only enough to allow me to slide the stock easily in
the vise. I set a stop so each part would be the same length. When I
cut the parts the saw cut into the soft jaws. This way the part being
sawn off was supported while being cut. This kept the cuts square and
all but eliminated any burrs. When the quill is raised the vise opens
and when the quill is lowered it closes. Cycle time per part was less
than 4 seconds. I supported the stock outboard of the vise so I could
use 6 foot long pieces. I was able to consistently hold .003" in total
length deviation. I had + or - .005". The parts were tumbled to remove
the slight burrs. I think I got 12 cents per part.
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