Some pics up

Hi everyone.
I just posted some pics on the alt.binaries.models.scale site. One is
the Hasegawa 6x6 transport truck, one pic is of the Airfix "German
Reconnaissance" set, and the last is a tiny diorama I created with some
odds and ends.
All are in 1/72 scale.
Sorry about the scan quality, but its the best my Webtv can do.
I wanted to post some pics because I'd gotten some wonderful input at
this site, but since I know pics can't be posted here, I put them there.
Hopefully you'll appreciate my efforts, and posting the pics is my way
of saying thanks. Despite my membership in a local IPMS chapter, I
prefer this forum for getting advice and/or questions answered because
it's far more timely.
Presently I'm working on the Italeri Panzer IV, and have big plans for
it. If all goes well I'll include it with the Recon set in a small urban
street scene.
I'm not finding buildings that are suitable in quality and detail, so it
looks like I'll roll up the ol' sleeves and scratchbuild one.
Yippy skippy. :-)
Take care all, and happy modeling!
IPMS Houston
We're living in a world that's been pulled over our eyes to blind us
from the truth. Where are you, white rabbit?
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