Back Hoe pins

I'm making a mechanical thumb for a kubota L-48 backhoe. The pivot pins are

1.25" x 10". What type steel would you recommend for the pins. I will need to drill and cut these, but they obviously need to be tough enough not to bend/shear.
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When I worked for a Skid Steer manufacturer we made the pivot pins out of Stressproof. The bars come generally on size within a thou or two of the stated size, and the material is generally hardened to around

32Rc. If it is a very high stress area the next step up would be 4340HT. It comes in hot rolled so you would need the next size up and turned down to size.
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FWIW, I've used W1 from Mcmaster Carr on my hoe, no problems. Main reason is they will sell a three foot piece and have it to your door by tommorrow.

4140 would be another good choice.


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Karl Townsend

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