Baldor motor value?

I have just received a brand new pressure washer rig that I won on eBay last week. Has a 100 gal tank and is mounted on a heavy duty doly. I was only after the stainless Cat pump but had to take the whole thing. The rig was custom built for Boeing, probably with our tax dollars, to test jet windshields for leaks but never used. Even with the best discounts it had to cost more than $2.5K to build.

At any rate, it is powered by a really nice Baldor 3HP 230V 1 phase motor that I have no use for. It is a CL3619TM with a list price close to $800. I need to sell it but they don't seem to be drawing flys on eBay and I am not about to give it away.

Anyone know a good way to sell it?

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Glenn Ashmore
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First, no electric motor is going for anywhere *near* list price whether from Baldor, Leeson or anyone else. If you call a motor jobber in your area and whine even a little he will likely roll off 60% of list. That takes your $800 motor down to $320. It will come with a major warranty plus rights of return, etc all of which you get when you buy new, none of which you get if you buy used. Figuring those are worth about half the value to an industrial customer who doesn't want to waste employee hours fixing busted motors, that takes you down to maybe $160.

I bet if you write a good ad and present it correctly your motor will bring nearly that on ebay depending on frame size and rpm and the other motor parameters you didn't mention.

If you just say "3 hp motor" with the keyword "Baldor" you won't get anyone to bid over peanuts on it because they need to know everything.

If it is a 184T frame 1760 rpm motor I could use it. If it isn't, I couldn't.


Glenn Ashmore wrote:

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Grant Erwin

I bought a beautful Leeson 3-phase 2hp motor, brand new, vfd rated, $300 retail, for $20 at a surplus shop. It's a buyers market and the ebay prices pretty much reflect it.

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Jim Stewart

Generally the second hand motor market is not brand loyal. You can pick up a Marathon, GE, Dayton or even brand X motor that equals or betters this motor(especially S.F. rating) for roughly 300.00 new in the box. Good single phase motors do bring some decent money on ebay. I would say you should be able to get between 50.00 and 100.00 for that motor on ebay. That same motor in 3 phase might not ever get a bid and if it did would probably sell for under 10.00. tim

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Its a TEFC 1725 RPM 184TC. Make me an offer. :-)

Actually I w> First, no electric motor is going for anywhere *near* list price whether

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Glenn Ashmore

The lathe will not use any more power than it does now for the same feed and depth of cut. Might be a problem if you ever do anything to stall it.


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Dan Caster

I bought two brand new 3-ph motors on ebay for $30 ea. That is now my upper limit. I have converted my lathe and mill to (cheap ebay) VFDs. Next is my Drill press and bandsaw.

BTW I also have a nearly new single phase motor to dump (1.5HP from my Grizzly mill). It's Taiwanese. I figure the best value I can get for it is to take to the local metal/junk dealer and just give it to him. Maybe he'll give me better deals on scrap aluminum.

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Len S

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