Benchmaster for sale

Shortly will have a late model Benchmaster Mill, horizontal, vertical, over, on factory steel base, w/collets, etc. Shortly I'll be where it is, and will send photos to all interested parties who email me. I'm in AZ now, headed to Maine (soon!) and may be able to transport it to the midwest in a couple months if transportation is a problem for you. I'll also have an 8" Logan flatbelt drive to sell, and that one for very short money. Bob

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OK, so you are in AZ, machine is in MA, and you will be able to deliver anywhere in between, within reason?

What is the Logan item - just the countershaft assembly for a Logan lathe?

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Send me some pictures and your starting point for negotiation. Both items. I am in Arizona also.

bob (at) yumabassman (dot) com


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Bob La Londe

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