BP J-head motor question

I have a couple of J-heads. Recently, I took the motor off one and tried it on
the other (to see how quiet the other one ran with a known-good motor). Then I
put it back onto the head it came from, the one on my mill. Problem now is, I
can't seem to get the clamping screws adjusted so that they stay put when I
loosen/tighten the levers to change belt speeds. They worked fine beforehand,
and I didn't change any of the hardware. I must be doing something wrong, but I
can't figure out what. I don't want to have to use two hands to do this. Anyone?
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Grant Erwin
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Hey Grant,
Mine's kind of a beater, and the little handle was missing when I got it. So I made one that is probably slightly longer than the original was. I locks just fine. I have seen some with a "crooked" handle though, to allow more than the easy approx 90 degree swing movement on mine. And I seem to recall a bit of fiddling to get the adjustment just right so that it both unblocked and locked in that 90 degrees of motion.
Want a pix of mine and the washers??
Take care,
Brian Lawson, Bothwell, Ontario.
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Brian Lawson
You might laugh at mine but I'm proud of my lock bolt. Try to use some very flat and large washers. Might even weld one to the nut and machine it true. Any slight deviation from true flat with the surface will make for extra torque to be applied. I wanted chrome handles on all my machines. One day at a yard sale I found a big bucket of commercial toilet flushing apparatus. I laughed about it, then I realized it had a lot of chrome handles in there. Needless to say I picked it up cheap and now everything has a chrome flush handle. Good part is, when the machine don't work just right you can jiggle the handle.
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Does it flush the coolant too?
Mike wrote:
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Mike Berger
Probably would but I couldn't get it to work with 3 phase. Did notice if you hold the handle to long you'll have an over-whelming urge to go to the bathroom.
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