BP Versus Hurricane Katrena

Remember back during Katrena. I remember a lot of people wanting to
help, but they got orders from the Fed (FEMA?) not to help. I heard
on the radio that there was a fire department rescue boat from a city
near me (Rochester, NY) that was about to go there. They got a call
from FEMA, and ordered them not to.
Lets see. We have dispersants, booms, skimmer ships, etc. All ordered
not to. Anyone else seeing parallels?
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Stormin Mormon
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Which is more important, solving the problem or having someone to blame???
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Jim Wilkins
To whom?
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John R. Carroll
Just have to thank god that it was BP and not Union Carbide who had the leak. If it was UC they'd have abandoned the area like they did in Bhopal India, there'd be no fund, no cleanup and all the senior executives would have left the country to live in a non extradition country (like the USA).
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Why are people so cruel
Depends. Are you seeking election, or interested in the welfare of people?
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Stormin Mormon

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