I know this has probably has been asked a million times. I am new to the
group. Does anyone know where I can get some plans for building a good brake
capable of bending 11 ga mild steel 48 inches in length? Thanks. I hope you
all don't mind if I join in?
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Nick P
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Welcome to the group. Try using "google groups" and searching for Brake. Also take a look at the books Lincoln Foundation sells. Excellent books and there is a brake design in the third edition of the projects book. And search for the metalworking dropbox. Surely there is a Brake design in there.
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Dan Caster
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- one of Gingery's books
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and drop me a line, as I have a file I got (from someone here) whith piccies of one they made using a big I beam as a starting point
and if you are doing sheetmetal, you will want
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sometime Geoff
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geoff merryweather
See my home page. Click on the metalworking section. JR Dweller in the cellar
Nick P wrote:
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JR North
I'm no expert on brakes, but this sounds more like a press brake application which is a bit more complicated than a leaf brake to build. Gary Brady Austin, TX
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Gary Brady

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