Chemical experiment not going well

The ones we get are yellow rectangular, tapering to the bottom, 27 and 35 lbs. When my wife goes shopping, she opts for the 27 pounder but if I'm with her, I always pick up the larger one.

Buckets with lids are good for all sorts of things. Kitchen receptacle for compostables, wash buckets, storage for all manner of things, as you mention...

Last use: I cut a hole in the side of one and Gooped a 4" tube into it to accept the dryer hose. This bucket has a hinged lid which acts as a retainer for a furnace filter cut to fit the top. Basically, it's a fine lint trap that lets the dryer vent indoors.

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Steve Ackman
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IIRC, from *my* youth, they were about 1/4" diameter for a D cell. I don't know if I ever bothered with a C cell, since nothing that I had at the time used those. The No. 6 cells (with either thumbnuts or Faheinstock Clips for terminals) were something closer to maybe 3/4" diameter IIRC. I never needed to measure them for my purposes at the time, so this is only from memory which may be distorted as I've gotten larger since them, so my memory of size may be off too.

BTW Various pump bottles of soft soap can be used to distribute WayLube in reasonable doses for cleaning and re-lubing the lathe's ways.

They can also be used to distribute cutting lubes at need if you don't have a constant flow pump to do it.

And *don't* ask me for dimensions. Each maker of the soft soap uses different size bottles, and changes sizes at a whim. The same for dishwashing detergent bottles.

Enjoy, DoN.

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DoN. Nichols

Okey Doke. If I stumble across some of those batteries I shall investigate. Hopefully, Leo will reveal the outcome of his research along those lines, too.

Thanks DoN!

They are a great way to refill smaller containers from that 5 gallon bucket in a safe, thrifty and controllable manner. I have added that to the File.


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