Colored SS

Awl --
Years ago I knew of colored SS, for strictly cosmetic
architectural/decorative purposes.
To my surprise, in one of the boatloads of HSN/QVC deliveries to my house,
Wolfgang Fuck's cookware arrived, in colored SS. And she already had one,
in service for quite a while, that I just assumed was that typical heavy
enamel on cookware.
So the Q is, is this really colored SS, as in coloring of the surface metal
itself, or is he calling plain ole enameled SS "colored SS"?
I spose I could scratch/grind one of these pots, but then I would be
Outside of enameling, what process would be used to color SS, durably or
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Existential Angst
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Could it be anodized? Would that hold up to the heat?

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Bob La Londe
Stainless can take plating and conversion coatings, including black oxide, phosphate, etc. Some phosphating can hold dyes and pigments, much like anodizing on aluminum or magnesium.
But I have no idea what may be on EA's cookware.
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Ed Huntress
Can you color-anodize SS? Anodize it at all?
As I looked more closely at Wofgang Pfuck's ditties, it's now clear that it's just some kind of enamel, and not a particularly robust enamel, like what you see on tea kettles, etc. Could be just powder metal coating, proly is.
His use of the phrase "colored SS" got me going in another direction, I spose.
Actual colored SS is quite highly polished, reflective, really neat, but proly not durable.
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Existential Angst
Seen any salamanders lately ?
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