Cookie tins

Because I am a packrat ("Don't throw that away! It's METAL!") I have a
small collection of those painted cookie tins that all-too-recently held
fancy cookies.
Now I want to either remove all the paint, or just paint over the
existing garishness. What to do?
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Ted Bennett
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Painting over is definitely simpler. Otherwise, consider wiping the painted surfaces down with a little brake fluid. That stuff takes all kinds of paints off of metals.
Al Moore
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Alan Moore
if you gonna put small parts in there dont remove the paint, its just gonna rust.. and if you use brake fluid like another poster suggested then it might just east up the metal also.. just stick with the painted metal, put a decal on the lid so you know what is inside....
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Crush them. Cookie tins are a plague of wasted space. Yeah, you want to keep them...must be useful for something. But they just sit there year after year. JR Dweller in the cellar
Ted Bennett wrote:
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JR North
I've used several by simply placing large piece of duct tape and using a black marker to label it. Lane
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Never paint over them or throw them away because sure as shootin' if you do thirty years from now you will find some collectors group that will pay a small fortune for that cookie tin you trashed. Instead build nice leather covers to protect the outside and line them with velvet or something similar to protect the inside. I am saying this because I just saw an episode of "ANTIQUES ROADSHOW" that said the old Howdy Doody lunchbox that I carried to school would be worth $300 or more if I still had it. IIRC after I spilled honey all over the inside of mine I used it for target practice with my trusty. 22 rifle.
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JR North wrote: (clip) Cookie tins are a plague of wasted space. (clip) ^^^^^^^^^^^^ The space occupied by old cookie tins is not wasted. It is still inside them, being stored.
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Leo Lichtman
Carby cleaner tends to make them bubble up and slough off. At least on the cans I oversprayed by accident..sigh
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I just leave them as-is. "Where's the compression tester? In the box with the holly on it!" I've painted some with a coat of automotive primer to hide the design, and then a top coat of any rattle can paint. Hope this helps, Andrew
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Andrew Gorman/Kathy Ramsey
I prefer plastic (glass breaks) peanut butter jars. You can see what's inside 'em.
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Mickey Feldman
One wall of my shop has 1 x 2" wood strips nailed to the open studs every 6" covering 6 stud spaces 7 high. Each space thus created holds three tobacco tins (half pound) for small hardware items. Labels are 1.5 x 14" strips of paper printed up on the computer and held on with 2" clear packaging tape. I collected these tins before my teeth quit supporting my pipe. An alternate modern container in this household would be coffee cans with their snap on plastic lids. Cookie tins are evil, unless of course, SWMBO has just filled them! Gerry :-)} London, Canada
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Gerald Miller

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