Critical difference between CGA-320 and CGA-326 bottle valves?

Hey guys, looking to pick up a new bottle for welding gas. My current
bottles and regulator are CGA-320. A friend of a friend has a new-ish
bottle for sale that has a CGA-326 valve. Is it safe to use my '320
regulator on the '326 valve? (Does it fit?)
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Miki Kanazawa
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CGA-320 is listed as being for C02, and uses a sealing washer.
CGA-326 is listed as being for Nitrous Oxide.
If the bottle is for nitrous they won't fill it with CO2.
The two different fittings will not intermate and your regulator will not fit that tank directly.
Don't use nitrous oxide as a welding gas. Bad things will happen.
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jim rozen

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