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I can't remember which way the resistance vs temperature goes. If it went the right way, a resistor in series might do the trick.
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One place I took a class had an even better solution: The thermostat on the wall was hooked to nothing. The real thermostat was in a locked closet with a louvered door.
I gather that this is common, common enough the the thermostat on the wall has a name -- placebo thermostat.
Joe Gwinn
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Joseph Gwinn
Then there was the senior person in the office who felt that her seniority gave her the right to control the environment. Management gave her the afternoon off with pay, explaining that the tin bangers had to work above her work station and it wouldn't be safe for her to remain at her desk. Next morning she came in to find a nice, new diffuser directly above her work station, and a new thermostat within easy reach of her chair. No explanation but everyone lived happily ever after. Gerry :-)} London, Canada
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Gerald Miller

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