GCR this weekend !

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We'll be on the 10.15 train with the 'Miracles to believe in' group :-)
The weather forecast is cold but dry :-)
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Dragon Heart
Too early for me, get turfed out of house about 11 so arrive 1130 ish - head for bookshop, get dragged to train.
Sunday that is.
Cheers, Simon
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We collected our tickets near the booking office and walked onto the platform at about 9.45 ( got there early so able to park car ).
Bit of confusion as to which was the first train out but we did eventually set off on the right train .... the carriages were freezing ? Tried to get cut of tea to warm us up at Leicester North but the Q was too long so we returned to Loughborough standing in the corridor.
The trip on Thomas was only a short shunt down the line with an 0-6-0 diesel pushing at the back. Sir Topam was very good with the children even if he had gone a bit modern with a radio mike.
The main thing is our son enjoyed himself. Had a ride on Donald ( or was it Douglas ? ) a couple of times, Thomas with Diesel as I said, plus Daisy. Brought back not so fond memories of trips to Nottingham when the vibration used to make me feel sick.
It's a pity the days of 'Thomas Days Out' may be numbered due to what I have been told is insurance restrictions by Hit Entertainment. I know several preserved railways have been unable to hold one this year.
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Dragon Heart
We were a bit later - after one. Carriages were nicely warmed up by then and as I said, Daisy was waiting - so on we went. terrible, not just a diesel but a DMU to boot !
As always at GCR we had a great time. However as you said, Hit Entertainment screwed things up - the engine shed had to be closed ! Children go to see Thomas, parents can visit the shed and all enjoy it, but no, its a dangerous world etc etc.
Did you see the Thomas layout - from Barrow on Soar group, its their visit to Swannington next month - good show with very nice atmosphere and children appear wellcome - they dont just say they are wellcome !
cheers, Simon
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" Did you see the Thomas layout - from Barrow on Soar group, its their visit to Swannington next month - good show with very nice atmosphere and children appear wellcome - they dont just say they are wellcome ! "
Yes we did ! Bit of a squeeze getting in the small museum were it was housed, along with the face painting, but tidy little layout.
" So, authentic British Rail service then? :o) "
Freezing carriages, Q for tea, standing in the corridor or all three ?
I lost count at the number of times I had to stand until Leicester on my trips down to London ...... at least the GCR carriages were clean, well on the first train out anyway.
Is there more than one "Thomas" as I am sure it's not the same loco we saw a few years back at Ruddington ? Rubber tyres as well :-(
Most of the children in the 'Miracles to believe in' group had autism and they are normally very aware of things being 'false' but they just took it in their stride. One chap was confused as to why Diesel's face was on his back not the front. I told him that as a diesel has a engine it needs the front clear for it's radiator, like a car, and he just accepted it.
It was quite refreshing going to one of these events without the people around me 'picking flies' out of the thing :-)
Yes HIT entertainment have I have been told have gone health & safety mad. They could of opened the workshops and let the children onto the foot-plates but the insurance cover would have made it uneconomical to run the event. YES ! railways can be dangerous places and YES ! I do thing H & S is important but IMHO they are going OTT !
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Dragon Heart
"Dragon Heart" wrote
They have also increased their percentage take of the turnover from 16% to 20%, have insisted that ALL additional attractions are specifically Thomas related, that all Fat Controllers are provided by themselves OR have undergone training by them at a cost of £2,000 each, and that all volunteers at the events are subjected to Criminal Record checks (whether or not they are in contact with children). Furthermore, a full risk assessment of the event has to be carried out by themselves (and charged for).
The Bluebell and North Yorkshire Moors are just two railways that have refused to accept the proposals.
Purely coincidentally, (!) a £4.5 million development to turn 6,000 square metres of park "into the magical land of Sodor" is being carried out near Tamworth, Staffordshire. The Troublesome Trucks will appear in their own special rollercoaster. There will also be a brand new Thomas (outline but not steam) Train that will take fans of all ages on a five minute journey through Sodor. Source: Days Out Guide UK.
I understand that there are at least another two "Thomas Lands" being constructed or considered in the UK
DW (A volunteer on a railway where Thomas will not be appearing this year).
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