dry air for plasma cutter (FS posting)

I have a NOS Kaeser 10 cfm desiccant-type air dryer unit I'd like to get rid of. This is a box about 6"x18"x30" that could mount on a wall. It plugs into 117 single phase power. You run air into it and take air out of it. There are 2 desiccant "towers" and there is control circuitry to route the air to one or the other. When you are using one tower a small bit of your airstream is diverted to run *backwards* through the other tower, which vents through a filter to the atmosphere. Thus, one filter is always drying and the other being dried out in a "regenerative" manner. This item is slightly dirty from shop storage but has never been used and comes with original instructions etc.

It is best if used after a conventional dryer, water trap and coalescing filter but I doubt it's mandatory. This unit will deliver lab-quality dry air. Perfect for plasma cutting or air brushing!

$275 plus shipping from W. Washington.

Note these units list for over $1200 - this is a good deal.

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