Dumb Silicon Power Cube Question Bridgeport 6F feed

I have a power module on a Seco F6120 board, out of a Bridgeport 6F power
feed. The Seco part # is ATY4001-03, also Silicon Power Cube 8605 is on the
other side. It has six spade terminals, 120 AC in, G1, G2, + and -.
The motor it's driving is a 90V DC Boehm/Baldor. Can anyone tell me roughly
what I should be getting out of the output terminals?
Further info for anyone interested:
The replacement power module is available from Galco Industrial for $34.31,
part # is ATY4001-003. The board can be repaired for $175 at
buycontrols.com. The entire board can be replaced by any number of newer DC
drives, however this will require some rewiring and there may be space
issues. I've tested the microswitches by the forward/reverse lever and they
are fine.
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It depends on what is being fed to the G terminals. I suspect this is a bridge rectifier, but 2 of the diodes are actually SCRs. With nothing on the G terminals, there won't be any output at the + and - terminals. The additional circuitry supplies timed pulses on the G pins to trigger the SCRs to conduct, supplying DC pulses of voltage to the motor.
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Jon Elson
Thanks. I figured there might be more to it. I read your posts on practical machinist regarding the power feed. I think buying a newer board and doing the wiring conversion probably makes more sense. I don't have the expertise to troubleshoot this board, and spending $175 to repair a 27 year old board just doesn't make much sense. I now have a real sweet J head mounted up, thanks to WayneMak, and getting the powerfeed working would be real nice.
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