Error in Gears And Gear Cutting Book?

I got this book yesterday in the mail. It's a good book but there seems to be an error on page 27 regarding fig 26 on page 26. The author states that angle TCP and TPD are the same and I don't see it. Does anybody here have the same book? Thanks, Eric

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Eric R Snow
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I think the nomenclature may be wrong, but the angles are the same. /mark

Eric R Snow wrote:

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Hi- think the problem is that the drawing is out of scale. Move point c down a couple of inches and it makes sense.Or, locate point c by dropping a perpendicular from line TP from point T until it intersects line PC and see how it looks. Note that angleTPD is the compliment of angle TCP and so is angle PCT. Therefore they must be equal.

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Jim L.

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