Flashback arrestors in Oz

Last time I was in BOC, I was pointed to a (verymall and tight down
near the floor) sign about needing flashback arrestors for Oxy work. I
didn't read it, but in the middle of it was a large bit about a
$25,000 fine. I am not sure what for. I have searched a bit on the Web
but found nothing specific to any lwas.
Any ideas what the story is, anyone in Oz?
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Flashback arrestors are mandatory on regulators sold _later_ than a certain date. On earlier regulators, apparently flashback arresting was integral to the unit. I'll ask at work tomorrow what the date was.
For most people using oxy-fuel in a commercial environment, the simplest solution to ensure compliance with local safety regulations is to put flashback arrestors on everything. One downside is you may not have enough gas flow(acetylene) to use the large rosebud tip, after you fit the flashback arrestor. Another downside is the cost involved.
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